DISSOCIATION "Bitterkeit" Demo CD 2001

Great work of this German band of  melodic Black Metal, when listening the versatile keyboards of the first song "Bitterekeit " was come to mind the band Cradle of Filth, don't think that this it is another clone band!
The second song is called "Die Nacth des Frostes" with a melancholic atmosphere, this song  is more worked,  with a darker feeling and  has very good arrangements in the guitars and the background  keyboards make it more emotional, this song also contains some  slow passages very well  achieved, I like a lot of songs of this style. The extremist and quick this in hands of 'Mit Geofftneten Armen in den Tod'; speed, hardness and melody, this song will make you remind the early Dimmu Borgir and also something of And Oceans, this it is the track more heavy and faster of the disc, very good keyboards. The only ugly song is "Schwarzer Ritus", this it is strange and I perceive it outside of place. 
Suggestions for this dynamic band: more force and energy to the vocals, and something more than forcefulness to the instrumentation.  
Of the lyrical aspect I cannot say anything, since they didn't send me the letters... and apparently all these are written in German.
To conclude I will say that if you like of the  varied Black Metal, stormy  and with good melodies this band could impress you. Hail Dissociation!!!